Articles and Outcomes

The following are some of the articles and other written outcomes which have arisen from the project’s work. We will be updating this list further as we go along.

Published Outcomes


  • S.A. King, P. Carter, N. Carter, P. Jones and C. Beardmore, In Their Own Write: Contesting the New Poor Law, 1834-1900 (McGill-Queen’s University Press, forthcoming, October 2022)
  • P. Jones and S.A. King, Pauper Voices, Public Opinion and Workhouse Reform in Mid-Victorian England – Bearing Witness (Palgrave, 2020)

Book Chapters

  • S.A. King and C. Beardmore, ‘Contesting the workhouse: Life writing, children and the later New Poor Law’, in L. O’Hagan (ed.), Rebellious Writing: Contesting Marginalisation in Edwardian Britain (Oxford, 2020), 65-94


  • P. Carter, J. James and S.A. King, ‘Punishing Paupers? Control, Discipline and Mental Health in the Southwell Workhouse (1836-71), Rural History, 30:2 (2019), 161-180
  • P. Jones and N. Carter, ‘Writing for Redress: Redrawing the Boundaries of the Epistolary Relationship Under the New Poor Law’, Continuity and Change, 34:3 (2019), 374-399
  • S. Bradley, ‘Welcoming the New Poor Law: The Bromsgrove Poor Law Union, 1836–1847’, Family and Community History, 3 (2019), 200-221 – Sarah is one of the many volunteers without whom the project would not have been able to succeed
  • S.A. King and P. Jones, ‘Fragments of Fury? Lunacy, Agency and Contestation in the Great Yarmouth Workhouse, 1890s-1900s’, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 52:2 (2020), 235-265
  • N. Carter and S.A. King, ‘“I think we ought not to acknowledge them [paupers] as that encourages them to write”: The administrative state, power and the Victorian pauper’, Social History, 46 (2021), 117-144
  • P. Jones, S.A. King and K.N. Thompson, ‘Clothing the New Poor Law Workhouse in the Nineteenth Century’, Rural History, 32 (2021), 127-148
  • P. Jones, ‘Looking through a Different Lens: Microhistory and the Workhouse Experience in Late Nineteenth-Century London’, Journal of Social History (December 2021),

Book Chapters

  • P. Carter and S. A. King, ‘The patient’s view as history from below: evidence from the Victorian poor, 1834-71’, in A. Hanley and J. Meyer (eds.), Patient Voices in Britain, 1840–1948: Historical and Policy Perspectives (Manchester University Press, 2021)